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History of 8 Shenton Way . Tanjong Pagar . Marina Bay

Marina bay is a shorefront neighbourhood located in Singapore’s central business district. It is surrounded by four planning areas, Marina East, Marina South, the Downtown Core, and Sites View. The marina bay region spans 360 hectares and is built on reclaimed land.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) envisioned marina bay as a work-live-play area, but it developed into the new downtown of Singapore. Marina bay originally was a place where ships would dock to allow passengers to board the small boats that ferried them to Johnston’s pier. Ships that were too big to pass through the mouth of Singapore’s river would be anchored at the bay for offloading goods and then transferring the goods to the godowns at the river bank.

Developments in the bay trace back to the 1970s when most works in land reclamation happened. The land reclamation allowed for the construction of the East Coast Parkway (ECP). Sites such as Marina Coast, Marina South, and Marina Center also resulted from the land reclamation, occupying a 660-hectare land called Marina City.

In 1982, the lighters were relocated from the bay to the new berths in the Pasir Panjang Wharves as part of the government’s initiative to clean up the waterways. The government in 1982 laid out additional plans to reclaim more land, which resulted in the current Marina Bay profile. By 1992 the reclamation work had been completed.

The draft master plan for Marina Bay of 1987 envisioned the area as a shorefront setting for public events and national celebrations and Marina South serving as the focal point. Other objectives in the plan were optimizing the waterfront location and creating a distinguishing image with international landmarks that would be the focal point of the city.

The URA in 1992 announced a development guide for the u-shaped area around Marina Bay and the Downtown Core. Some areas of Marina Center, the City Hall, Bayside and Central (the two sections of the Marina Center), and the CBD become the new downtown. Two units of Marina South, facing Marina Bay, would house hotels, residential properties, and entertainment facilities.

Today, Marina Bay is the second after Japan in Southeast Asia to have an underground utility tunnel network that houses telecom cables, power lines, water pipes, and refuse collection pipes. Marina Bay has excellent infrastructure enhanced by the three new MRT lines, including the Marina Bay Station. Its renowned landmarks include Youth Olympics Park, The Flood@Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, and Esplanade Singapore Flyer.

Marina Bay, an area once a body of water used for ship docking, has now developed into an internationally recognized destination. It is among Singapore’s most lavish and affluent regions, with unique developments that attract locals and tourists worldwide. Marina bay is an appealing region to property investors and potential home buyers due to the readily available dining, shopping and entertainment destinations.