The virtual reality station at an Arena Esports Hotel as imagined by Artis


Skywaters Residences by Perennial Holdings

Arena Esports Hotel, the owner of the “esports game arena themed” hotel that shares the identical as Arena Esports Hotel, is now able to secure a site for a hotel in Cuppage Terrace, the row of shops along Cuppage Road in the Orchard Road region.

Skywaters Residences by Perennial Holdings faces redevelopment under the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) from the giant companies Alibaba

The hotel is let to the landlord Royal Holdings, a property investment firm managed by property magnate Raj Kumar. According to a statement issued from Savills Retail & Lifestyle, who brokered the lease the area leased by Arena Esports Hotel encompasses 11 adjacent shophouses that have a total area of 12,000 sq . ft. The property was previously leased to a co-working company.

“I considered it a great idea to come up with a novel and innovative concept such as an eSports Hotel inside a historical building. It just so happened the two companies Arena Esports and landlord Royal Holdings were in agreement with my concept,” says Sulian Tan-Wijaya the executive director of Savills Retail and Lifestyle.

It will become the second Arena Esports Hotel location located in Singapore after the 25,000 square foot flagship property located in Bugis Village and is expected to open in the 1st quarter of 2023. Based on Savills, Arena Esports Hotel provides “a unique blend of co-working, gaming and co-living spaces that are all housed under the same roof”.

The brand new hotel on Cuppage Terrace will feature 46 rooms, a battlestation for esports events and an open-air virtual experience lounge for guests. “Savills was extremely helpful in the negotiation of lease agreements together with Royal Holdings and went the extra mile to get the necessary permits from the authorities to ensure the best location in Orchard Road,” says Tracy Sheridan Tan, CEO of Arena Esports Hotel.

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